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Other works


The worlds reflect the beauty, harmony and uniqueness of this blue planet. They are made with silver and copper metal leafs patinated with a preparation based on cardenillo, a formula widely used in antiquity. 


Its large format allows resin games that overflows from the sides or a leap into the void that divides the works into two different and united parts; the union of opposites; of yin and yan.


These material paintings represent the textures that can be observed at sunset, with little light, in the Castilian fields. They are inspired by the cracked lands of La Mancha.


They combine various procedures: acrylic, oil and epoxy resin agglutinated with various aggregates.


They are of sober coloration in which the Spanish palette prevails (white, black, ochre and red earth).


Vertical works made with collage, fiberglass, metals and patinas, which speak of the interferences that stand between us and ourselves, which at the same time that hide the path of what we are, make us question what we want to be, how we want to be us.


The flat silver gray tone contrasts with the graphics made with acrylic paint and pastel, generating that tone of confusion so characteristic of this series.


Worked on the front and back, it represents the different seasons of the year with their rains and wet fields. It is created for the viewer to circumcise it and can divide spaces. Fiberglass, resin and patinated copper sheets have been used with ancient recipes based on cardenillo pigment.

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